Cloud Computing or Smoke on the Water?

The future of cloud computing is here.  Today we are using more cloud based services than ever before.  This is only going to increase over time.  No one knows with absolute certainty what the future will bring.  But, we know one thing for certain.  The future will rely heavily on cloud computing.  It’s only going to increase from here.


Anyone that has been around electronics knows how fast they become out dated.  Cloud computing will actually add life to your devices.  The reason is, the cloud does all the work.  You won’t need to update your electronic devices as often.  All of the processing power will come from the cloud.  It also means companies will be saving lots of money.  The reason for that is what we’re going to talk about next.


A lot of businesses rely on resource intensive software.  Think of video and photo editing.  Those are two tasks that require a lot of computer resources to perform.  In the past companies had to invest in computers that were capable of doing this.  Anyone that’s rendered a video knows how many resources are needed to do it.  It needs more than just resources.  It also takes up valuable time that you could be doing other things with.  The cloud will handle all the rendering.  It will also free up the user’s computer so they can continue working.


Everyone will be on the same page.  The reason for that is quite simple.  Everyone will have the same access to information and software.  It won’t matter if you’re at work or at home.  You could even be at a local sporting event.  You’ll be able to use software on your smartphone.  This will lead to more than just productivity.  It will also lead to flexibility.  A new mother will be able to return to work faster if she can do it from home.  It will be possible thanks to the cloud.  She’ll be able to tap into all the software and resources she had at work.  All while being able to keep an eye on her new bundle of joy.


At home, out of the country, or in your office.  You’ll always be able to access information and software thanks to the cloud.  The cloud will make it possible for people in offices around the world to come together.  Projects will be able to be shared and worked on by people anywhere and everywhere.  It’s not too far fetched to believe that you’ll start a job and someone else half way around the world will finish it.  This will lead to a greater amount of productivity.


Cloud computing will create new opportunities for people around the globe.  Businesses will no longer need large amounts of startup capital devoted to processing power.  It also means that people will be flexible to work when and where they want.  Making the lives of people around the globe more fulfilling.  After all, the jobs of the future will fit you like a glove.  You’ll be able to work whenever and wherever you want.  All thanks to that thing we call cloud computing.

Christmas Everyday for Hackers

It’s something that none of us like to think about.  Every single day the threats from hackers increase.  It’s only going to continue to increase.  There’ll never be a time when you can let your guard down.  There’s a reason why the hen house needs to be guarded.  It’s because that’s where the hens and eggs are.  There will always be someone looking for a free lunch.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a wolf or a human.


We often think about criminals as being one dimensional people.  Anonymous will always be a purse thief.  He’ll never move onto any more sophisticated crimes.  That’s not the way the world works these days.  Anonymous may start out small on the internet.  But, he’s going to be stealing a whole lot more than just purses.  Hackers develop skills over time.  It’s not something they’re born with.  Even a guitar player must learn how to play their instrument.  Hacking is no different.


The protections you had a year ago are out of date.  It might sound unreasonable to think that the measures you took last year are no longer effective.  Hackers are updating their abilities every day.  That’s something every business owner needs to understand.  Every single day hackers are becoming more sophisticated.  That means every day you need to be on high alert.  You can’t drop your guard for a single day.  It’s sad to say, but that year old security system is out of date.


You need people like to us harden your security.  It’s the only way you can fight off these attackers.  It’s not something that can be done in one sitting.  Security isn’t something that you do once and forget about it.  It’s a constant battle between you and the bad guys.  They aren’t taking a break.  The threat isn’t just one source.  Your network is constantly being scanned by people all over the world.  The threat isn’t isolated to a single bad guy.  It could be someone in the next state over or in a different country.


Ever changing threats call for constantly updated strategies.  That’s where we come into play.  We’re a company on the cutting edge of technology.  You can learn about holes in your security from the bad guys or from us.  We’ll go in and plug all your holes.  That’s not going to happen if the bad guys find them.  They will exploit every hole they can find.  All while caring nothing about you or your customers.  Hackers aren’t people that sit around wondering about the consequences their actions have on others.  They’re too busy finding ways to profit off their new found stolen information.


Attacks can be prevented.  We prevent attacks all the time.  Prevention is the only way to combat cyber thieves.  Don’t think for a second that it can’t happen to you.  Everyone thinks that until they’re targeted.  Then they are left picking up the pieces.  Which usually means going out of business and possibly facing lawsuits from angry customers.  The choice is yours.  Protect your business by taking security seriously.  It’s only a matter of when not if you’ll be attacked.  Be ready for that day by hiring us today.  We’ll make sure to stop attackers dead in their tracks.

Welcome to the Digital Woods. Do you see me? I see you.

Business owners rarely think of criminals as being clever.  Usually they think of crime as something that’s straight forward.  A thief puts a pack of chewing gum in their pocket.  That’s the extent of the crime.  It’s important to realize cyber crime isn’t so simple.  Rarely will it ever be as straight forward as that.


Did you know that some hackers are flying drones to hack into Wi-Fi networks?  Think about that for a minute.  It shows you the level of creativity that some criminals have.  Crime today is far more complicated than stealing hubcaps off of a car.  There are people literally flying drones to break into networks.  This should show you what these criminals believe they can gain.  They wouldn’t be going to such great lengths if there was nothing valuable to be stolen.


How many of you remember the JPMorgan break in?  That happened because of an employee working at home.  They weren’t doing anything wrong.  They were simply doing some work at home.  Someone got access to their computer remotely and everything happened from there.  It’s not uncommon for workers to be sent malicious files.  Those files could look innocent and harmless.  All while creating untold millions of dollars worth of damage.


Almost every security breach that has ever happened could have been prevented.  The way to prevent it is by having your networks scanned regularly.  Your business is too important to not to protect it.  It has sensitive information that no one else should have access to.  It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about credit card or personal information.  Thieves can make money off of personal information just as easily as credit cards.  Anyone that has experienced identify theft knows this all too well.


There are no out of the box solutions.  You’ve been sold this a hundred times before.  Security is something that you set and forget.  You don’t have to do anything to it.  Just buy the package and everything will be okay.  That’s not the truth and you know it.  How often does your antivirus software update?  There is a reason why it updates often.  It’s because the threat is ever changing.  The threat of tomorrow isn’t here yet.  Protection is a daily thing.  You have to continuously work on it.  You don’t buy antivirus software that never updates.  Why would you even consider investing in security without updating it?


Security is an ongoing thing.  Don’t buy into this idea that you can do one thing and protect your business forever.  You need people like us to come in and search for exploits.  It’s the only way to ensure that your business is secure.  You wouldn’t dangle a piece of raw meat in front of a lion.  That’s what you’re doing by not securing your network.  The criminals are creative.  They have all the time in the world to find holes in your security.  The good news is we do too.  There’s nothing that will stop us from protecting our customers.  We understand that our business thrives only when you’re secure.  Which is the reason why we work as hard as we do.

Are you Proactive or Reactionary?


Many business owners think it’s the job of the police to prevent attacks.  They believe there is a police force that goes around doing nothing but watching what cyber criminals are doing.  There’s something you need to realize.  Law enforcement doesn’t have the resources to be able to monitor everything.  When was the last time a police officer warned you of a possible break in to your home?  It has never happened.  The reason for that is that law enforcement is reactionary.  Simply put, they react after the crime is committed.  Most of their resources is spent doing just that.


Police and law enforcement spend most of their time and resources dealing with crimes after they happen.  They aren’t protecting your business from possible cyber attacks.  The only time you’re going to deal with police is after it happens.  After all of your sensitive information has been stolen.  That’s when you’re going to be dealing with police.  Most businesses today don’t realize that.  They think the police will come and warn them of something that may happen.  This is the reason why they are so lackadaisical when it comes to security.


Are you going to wait until your business is compromised to learn about security?  That’s like a cigarette smoker learning about cancer after they have it.  It’s often too late then to do anything about it.  It’s vital that you understand that security is your responsibility.  It would be nice to think that law enforcement has your back on this issue.  They don’t.  The truth is, they don’t have the ability.  All you’re doing is setting yourself up for failure by believing so.  Your business will suffer because of it.


Your customers put a lot of trust in you.  They believe their information is safe with you.  What will happen when they learn that’s not the truth?  You’ve worked so hard to gain their trust.  That trust will forever be gone if your security is breached.  Ask yourself a simple question.  How do you feel when hackers break into a company?  Do you wonder how those hackers will use your credit card information?  What about identify theft?  That has to come into your mind as well.  It also makes you not want to shop at that business any more.


The internet can be a scary place.  It’s filled with criminals that are working in places you don’t even know exist.  They can get on a plane and fly to anywhere in the world.  How effective will your local police department be against a hacker in another country?  You know the answer to that question.  The threat to your business isn’t just local.  It’s global.


The good news is you can prevent attacks even before they happen.  You need to have your systems regularly tested.  Have the good guys find where you’re vulnerable.  If they don’t, the bad guys will.  Are you going to allow your business to be at risk?  It would be a shame to lose your business over something that’s preventable.  It’s your call.  The attackers are out there.  It’s only a matter of time before they come knocking on your firewall.

Office 365 Is The _______ Solution (Choose: Affordable, Easiest, Right, Smart)

Most of you have heard about Office 365. You’ve been wondering if you should make the big switch. The short answer is yes. You should switch over. It’s a must needed move to stay competitive in today’s world. Here we’re going to tell you exactly why that is. You might be surprised by what you’re missing out on.

Do you operate a global business where you receive files from people all over the world? If so, then you know that not all businesses use Microsoft Office. You don’t have to worry. You’ll be able to open the files regardless of what software they’re using. It’s not uncommon for offices to operate Apache OpenOffice. Especially when you’re dealing with offices located in other countries. Don’t think twice about opening and sharing files if you do. You’ll be able to use Office 365 for all your needs when dealing with them.

Aren’t you sick and tired of having to email files to coworkers? Just think of all the hassle that is. It becomes extremely difficult when you have to send several files. It can be easy to get confused in the process. Trying to tell someone what to do with each file can be next to impossible. Nothing is worse than receiving a bunch of files that are all messed up. What did Janice in accounting do this time? That’s a question you all have asked at least once.

Office 365 puts an end for the need to transfer files among people in an office. You can easily do everything right on the cloud. No more sending files back and forth. It can be a real hassle if someone calls in sick or has to leave work early. You then have to find out where they put the files. Hope that the file you just found is the updated version. There are too many things that can go wrong in this scenario. You know that all too well. At the end of the day you’re just trying to do your job. Not go on a treasure hunt trying to find files.

There are a lot of offices today that are spread over large distances. It’s not too uncommon for a company to be in several states. You may even have offices in other countries. Office 365 makes sharing files with people in these offices a snap. You can even save a file on the cloud and everyone will be able to see the new updated version. You’ll never have to worry again if everyone is using the same file or not. This is a big problem if your business has several different offices. It doesn’t matter if the office is across the hall or half way around the world. Everyone will have the same access to files.

Flexibility is key in today’s market place. It’s vital that you’re able to compete with the businesses in your field. Falling backwards isn’t an option. It’s only an option for those that want to be left behind. Make the transition today and see why people all over the world are using Office 365. Your business will improve and you’ll be making everyone’s job a little easier in the process.

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What is the Cloud?

A lot of people these days talk about “the cloud”.  They reference it as if it were a part of their daily lives.  The fact is, it is.  It’s something we’ve all grown used to.  Here we’re going to talk about what the cloud is.  Not only what it is.  But, how you and your business can benefit from it.

Back in the 1950’s computers filled entire rooms.  The mainframe connected into what was called a dumb terminal.  The purpose of the dumb terminal was to tap into the processing power of the mainframe.  The world of cloud computing works in a similar manner.  Basically you use an electronic device to tap into the power of the cloud.  The power is having access to many computers at the same time.  This can come in handy for several reasons.

Most people these days view the cloud as simply a place to save files.  They think of it as a hard drive that’s not attached to their electronic device.  The truth is, the cloud has many more uses than this.  Storage is just one of the tasks it can do.  It can also operate software.  This is the true power of the cloud.  It gives you the ability to run sophisticated software without needing complex hardware.  PhotoShop is a great example of software like this.  A fairly hefty computer is needed to get full use out of the software.  When operated from the cloud this isn’t necessary.  It’s because the cloud has all the hardware needed to operate the software.

We’re moving towards a world were being connected is a must.  Most professionals these days carry with them smartphones and maybe even tablet computers.  All to make sure they can do work on the go in needed.  These devices don’t have the processing power that a computer does.  But, that’s not a problem if they’re using software connected to the cloud.  No longer does it matter how much computing power the device has.  That’s because all of the computing is done in the cloud.

Cloud computing allows people in an office to easily access files.  No longer do you need to receive a copy of a file on a disk or CD.  You don’t even need to email it.  Just save it on the cloud and tell everyone where they can find it.  They don’t even have to be in the office to access it.  You can notify someone at home that a report has just been uploaded to the cloud.  They can then access it and do whatever is necessary.

The future is in cloud computing.  There’s no doubt about it.  Don’t think of it as just a means of file storage.  Everything you do will some day be on the cloud.  From video editing to word processing.  All of your day to day activities will take place on the cloud.  At the end of the day it means the consumer will have greater computing power.  While costing much less than having to buy the hardware.  It’s a one size fits all solution for every business.  Regardless of the size of your business.